4 Key Benefits Of Using A Vacuum Truck To Clear Out Your Septic Tank

December 15, 2019

Owning property is not child’s play. From the day you sign on the dotted line, you’ll spend a significant amount of time putting out fires (both literal and figurative), while trying to protect your investment. Aside from the fact that it gets costly, the upkeep of a home or business property can drain other resources as well. The best way to minimise the stress of it all? Create a list of maintenance tasks, schedule them and follow through. One such task – if you live in a remote area away from centralised sewerage systems – is the cleaning of your septic tank every few years.

We’re not saying that this task is simple or even enjoyable, but with the introduction of the vacuum truck into the market, this is a task that has certainly been made more convenient to accomplish.

Rather than facilitating a back and forth operation, hiring a company with a vacuum truck comes with a number of advantages.

High Capacity For Carrying Heavy Loads Of Debris And Unsafe Materials

There are vacuum trucks of varying sizes in our market which are designed for different jobs. Drain Ninjas offers a unit that can deal with most septic tanks in NZ and in cases where there are larger jobs, we can usually get the job done cost-effectively over a number of trips.

The Convenient Design Saves Time When It Comes To Pumping And Cleaning

A vacuum truck comes with all the required equipment for extracting materials. This eliminates the need for sourcing equipment from different places. At the end of the day, we’re able to finish pumping and cleaning faster, because we’re stationed onsite throughout.

Safe For Use By Trained Professionals

The last thing you want is a risky project taking place on your property. Luckily, with Drain Ninjas, you never have to worry about this. As long as the technicians operating the vacuum truck are trained and experienced, you should be fine.

All It Takes Is A Call And Help Will Be Right At Your Doorstep

Living on the edge of the grid doesn’t mean you have to be shut out of basic amenities. With a vacuum truck, we bring the solution to you so that you can maintain a fully operational drainage system for decades to come. Call us now to find out more.

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