Cesspit Cleaning

Drain Ninjas are second to none at cleaning cesspits of all kinds, no matter how large or hard to reach. We have the expertise and the range of equipment and vehicles to get the job done like no one else can. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout Auckland, we can handle both scheduled cesspit cleaning and emergency callouts. Call us today on 0800 115 095.

How We Help

If the area outside your property has recently started flooding despite the presence of drains, then it’s possible your property’s cesspit may have become blocked. Cesspits contain a sump to help filter out debris such as plants, sediment and rubbish from stormwater systems, but as these debris accumulate over time they can block drainage outlets, leading to flooding. Small cesspits can sometimes be cleared by hand, but for larger cesspits this is unsafe and requires a vacuum truck.

Our Experience With Cesspit Cleaning

Drain Ninjas specialise in clearing cesspits on a range of property types, from private residences to schools, carparks and other commercial properties. Our range of truck sizes give us the flexibility to tackle whatever is required for different kinds of jobs. Starting from our smaller 3000L trucks which can reach tight spaces for properties where access is challenging, we go all the way up to 8 wheelers with 10,000L – the storage capacity required to clean multiple cesspits in one visit, getting the job done faster by eliminating the need for multiple waste disposal trips.


How We Can Help You Onging

It’s recommended that cesspits are cleaned annually or once every two years in order to prevent floods or blockages occurring, but in some instances it may be required more regularly, particularly if there are a large number of trees or foliage surrounding your property, or larger than normal amounts of litter collecting. Once we have done the first cesspit clean, we can advise on when to schedule the next one, with the option to set up a regular maintenance plan to make things easy.

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We recommend getting your sewer line Hydro flushed and CCTV with our combo deal to ensure the system is clear. If we find any issues we can put steps in place to repair or maintain this.


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