Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you are unable to successfully unblock my drain, what is the next step?
    We would then recommend doing a CCTV investigation to locate where the blockage is. If the blockage is unable to be removed, we would then provide a quote to excavate and repair the line.
  • Do you offer an annual drain cleaning service?
    Yes, we can set you up on our database which will send out a reminder when your service is due. Please let us know if you would like to arrange this at time of booking.
  • Do you do after hour or emergency call outs?
    Yes, we are available 24 hours 7 days a week on 0800 4 64652.
  • Do you provide new drainage or drainage repair services?
    Yes, we can quote to repair or install new drainage. In most cases a CCTV investigation will be needed to locate the fault for repair or to locate a suitable connection point for new drainage.
  • Can you conduct a pre-purchase house drain inspection?
    Yes, we highly recommend doing a pre-purchase drainage inspection. Please email or call us to arrange this.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept almost all forms of payment and usually require payment after the completion of work. We accept CASH, VISA, DIRECT DEBIT. Our technicians carry mobile eftpos machines and will ask for payment upon completion of the job unless an account holder with us. We have monthly accounts for regular customers and commercial companies.
  • Do you guarantee your work?
    It is not possible to guarantee that a drain is clear without a CCTV investigation. Even if we have managed to remove a blockage and have the drain flowing there may still be a partial blockage or something occurring in the drain which may cause ongoing problems. This means that over time, or even as soon as the service is used again, it may block again. For this reason, it is often worthwhile getting a CCTV inspection from which we can compose a report and diagnosis of your drain and find what may have been blocking the line and any faults with the pipes that we recommend be repaired. We will also provide a quote for the repair.
  • How can you remove tree roots from my drain?
    If we suspect there is a root intrusion in the line, we will first give the line a hydro root cut to try and remove the root mass. However, this is not a guaranteed solution and will have to be maintained from time to time as the roots will continue to enter the drain through the entry point they have created. Roots grow faster and thicker each time and will always travel straight to the food source. Which unfortunately, is your drain. If the problem is reoccurring, we recommend excavating and spot repairing the area of intrusion to prevent the roots from entering the line. This may require a CCTV investigation to locate the depth of the drain and point of intrusion for repair.
  • I have a bad smell coming from my drain, but it doesn’t seem blocked?
    This could indicate the start of a build-up of material which could lead to a blockage in the future. We recommend calling in a Ninja to get this sorted to avoid a problem in future. We often find this happens at the worst possible times so it’s best to get it sorted before it becomes a major problem.
  • I have a cesspit/sump that is not draining. Is it blocked?
    This could be one of two things. If the cesspit is full and you are unable to see the outlet pipe then you may need to get the cesspit/sump sucked out with our vacuum loader. If it is a small cesspit we can usually clear by hand however if it is a large council sized or deep cesspit this will require a Vacuum Unit to remove the debris. We would then recommend flushing the cesspit lead line to ensure this is clear and has not built up with debris as the line may still block even after the pit is emptied if this is not done.
  • Can you locate drains that we are building over or near?
    Yes, we are able to locate the position and depth of drains, we will spray paint or peg every few meters to provide you with the location and depth. We can also provide an as built drainage plan to show where the pipes and drains are on your property. This must be requested prior to us completing the CCTV. We can also provide pre-build and post-build inspections for Council if you are building over a public line.
  • I have a blocked drain, how do I know whether it is Sewer or Stormwater?
    Stormwater drains are basically rainwater drains. Stormwater drains are down pipes from roofs and cesspits in driveways etc, they enter the stormwater drainage system and run to the council storm water main, kerb outlet, soak hole or creek. House hold sewer drains typically contains everything from used water and solid wastes. These products can come from the toilet, bathroom, laundry and kitchen. Typically, these all lead to a gully outside closest to the facility. It is important for us to know what type of blockage you have as sewage overflows and blockages are urgent health and safety issues that we prioritise very highly. Our phone operator will ask you a few simple questions to determine which drain it is.
Stay in the Know

Common signs of a blocked drain

Sinks not draining away
Overflowing drains outside
Strange smells
Toilets not flushing correctly
Downpipes over flowing
Foreign items introduced to drainage systems
Grease traps overflowing
Sinks not draining away
Overflowing drains outside
Strange smells
Toilets not flushing correctly
Downpipes over flowing
Foreign items introduced to drainage systems
Grease traps overflowing

The Drain Ninja recommendation of the month:

We recommend a septic tank service after a pump out to ensure the system works as per council requirements.


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