A Blocked Drain is More Than a Minor Inconvenience

June 20, 2018
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It might seem like a small inconvenience to discover that a drain is blocked in your home or office. But, this problem could be a sign that major plumbing work is required. Dealing with A Blocked Drain takes time and a little bit of money but is it important that you solve the problem to avoid issues in the future.

Why is the Drain Having Problems?

Usually, a slow or A Blocked Drain is the result of people putting the wrong things down the pipes or toilet. Even small bits of food can accumulate in the pipes, resulting in major blockage issues over time.

Common causes of toilet issues happen when unusual items are flushed: food, paper, hygiene products, cans, fabric, cotton makeup pads, grease, cooking fat, toys, and more. Sinks can also back up from some of these items. For example, you should never pour hot fat down the sink after cooking. The fat will cool in the pipe and harden, causing a blockage that limits the flow of water through the drain.

Even if you are careful about protecting your plumbing, other things can affect the performance of the system. Main sewer pipes can be impacted by soil blocks, broken pipes, or tree roots that affect pipe joints.

Plumbing Issues from Pipe Blockages

Not only will A Blocked Drain have an impact on the water flow through the drain, but you might also notice other negative side effects as well. For example, you need to consider the health dangers of mould or other pathogens are being harboured in the pipes and coming up into the sink.

Some property owners also notice unpleasant smells due to the rotting food particles. If you notice an unusual smell that doesn’t go away after cleaning, then it could be an indication that there is an issue with the pipes.

DIY Repairs Won’t Work

A few DIY repairs might offer a temporary solution for the plumbing issues. But, there is a higher risk of problems in the future if you don’t eliminate all of the blockage. When grime and grease remain on the surface areas of the pipes, it will attract other compounds so that the blockage forms again.

The best solution to avoid future issues is to hire an experienced team to solve the problem. Drain Ninjas is here to assist! Call to learn more about the services that are offered.

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