Avoid Accidentally Damaging Your drain pipes With These Pointers

January 29, 2019

We’ve all faced the nightmare of having a blocked drain, and often when we’re faced with anything wrong in the home, our first instinct is to seek a DIY home remedy or over-the-counter solution to the problem. What we don’t realise is that this can cause more harm than good. Here are some of the ways our good intentions can damage our drain pipes and how to prevent this from happening.

Causing Your Own Blocked Drain

Often, we’re to blame for our blocked drains. Are you guilty of washing your dishes with leftovers still stuck to the plate? Many of us rinse the sink and let this debris and food waste go down the drain without a second thought. We do the same thing after washing our hair in the bathroom or shaving our beards. Focus on cleaning out your sink or basin before letting water flow into your drain – and making sure that anything else is thrown away or placed in the correct recycling bin.

Drain Cleaner Is Not Always Your Friend

What happens when you’re cleaning out your drain sieve ten times a day but finding that debris is still getting stuck in your pipes and causing a problem? The first thing we do is reach for liquid drain cleaner. Liquid drain cleaner does the job but is only beneficial for one-time use. The liquid cleaner sits in your pipes until the blockages have been dissolved. The longer the blockages take to clear, the longer the drain cleaner sits in your pipes. After a while, it can begin to eat away at your pipes, causing them to weaken and eventually damaging your sewer lines and drainage system.

Call For Back-Up

There are no doubt dozens of drain cleaners on the market promising miracles and searching for DIY solutions to a blocked drain will bring up thousands of results. None compare to having a professional come in to clean and maintain your household drainage system. If you suspect that you’ve damaged your pipes the best thing you can do is call in the professionals. Auckland’s Drain Ninjas will give your drains a specialty clean using CCTV Drain Inspection to locate the exact cause and location of drain blockages or problems. It’s an effective, environmentally friendly and easy way to deal with the problem.

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