Buying A New House? Here’s How Sewer And Drain Inspection Services Can Save You Money

July 22, 2019

Many prospective homeowners know that getting a professional to conduct a pre-purchase inspection on a property they’re interested in purchasing is a good idea. It ensures that the existing buildings are structurally sound and detects any potential issues. However, not many consider an equally important inspection – that of drains and sewers. Many home inspectors may overlook this critical step as the pipe system is found underground and well out of sight. Proper drain inspection services are carried out by experts with specialist knowledge and equipment to conduct thorough inspections. These inspections can reveal the underlying cause of a leak rather than just identifying symptoms in a general inspection.

Importance of Sewer Line Inspections

A home’s plumbing system can be complex, and a professional plumbing inspector can zero in on the important plumbing features that need to be checked. A thorough inspection comprises more than just the common checks of ensuring that there are no leaks or damaged pipes visible. An extensive evaluation includes checking drains and sewer lines. Blocked drains and sewers have the potential to cause major plumbing emergencies, not to mention the inconvenience to homeowners if the root causes aren’t identified and addressed.

Expert plumbing services providers have sophisticated equipment such as CCTV cameras that go below ground to have a closer look at sewers. The people using these cameras have the required experience to interpret the video feedback and identify any issues that may present problems down the line.

Factor In The Cost Of Repairing Plumbing Issues Into Your Offer Price

Knowing beforehand that you’ll need to carry out plumbing repairs or replace plumbing parts that have outlived their usefulness means you can make adjustments to your offer to purchase.

Depending on the post-inspection report and whether there are any concerning issues, prospective buyers can make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the offer to purchase or abandon the deal altogether. Admittedly finding that there’s a cause for concern will be a blow, especially if you had your heart set on the house. However, walking away will save you from unexpected costs.

It also doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose out as if you can negotiate a significantly lower price you could be able to purchase the property and afford the repairs required.

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