Does Your Toilet Need Unblocking? Call The Professionals To Assist You

December 28, 2019

Commercial properties, like businesses, shopping centres, schools and restaurants, have to keep an eye on their toilets more often than the average household. They cater to many people every day, and their toilets can be flushed every few minutes. So if they had a blocked toilet or a clogged sewer system, they would have a big problem. If you need toilet unblocking services, what you need to do is call the professionals.

What You Can Do – Call The Professionals

If you’re dealing with a toilet that needs unblocking, your first move should be to contact professional drainage and toilet unblocking services, such as Drain Ninjas, to assist you. Especially if you manage or own a commercial property, people can’t work or go to a school in a building with blocked toilets in the restrooms. In a mall or shopping centre, the problem could spread throughout the drainage system, making it a more extensive problem. Even worse – you don’t want to be eating in a restaurant as the toilets start overflowing!

In commercial settings, it’s essential that the toilet and drainage system function properly, or you’ll lose patronage very quickly. And because it is not recommended that you try to fix it yourself, your best option is to call for professional assistance.

Drainage technicians and specialists have the knowledge and experience needed to solve this kind of problem so that you can rely on them in a situation like this. They will inspect the toilet and drainage problem and identify the issue. They will also be able to clear the blockage and provide insight for you so that it doesn’t happen again. Drain Ninjas are fast and efficient and will prove to be an asset in your hour of need.

What You Shouldn’t Do 

Although it is possible to try unblocking a toilet yourself, it is not advisable. You, as a commercial building owner, are not adequately prepared with the correct knowledge or tools required to fix a clogged toilet. And even though there are unblocking agents available, they are ineffective and dangerous. In fact, most drainage and toilet unblocking professionals refuse to use chemicals and recommend that you don’t as well. You can try to use a plunger to loosen the blockage or a wire hook that is easily malleable to remove something that should not have been flushed. Otherwise, your best option is to get a professional to assist you.

When you have a toilet that needs unblocking, your best bet is to contact drainage and toilet unblocking professionals, like Drain Ninjas. Our team are experienced and can handle this common problem quickly and effectively. If you need toilet unblocking services, don’t hesitate, contact Drain Ninjas today.

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