Drain Maintenance at Schools – How to Avoid Interrupting Your School Day

January 29, 2019

Schools are busy places, filled with hundreds of children and adults constantly using taps and toilets in the building. Most school buildings have been standing for generations and have seen thousands of students pass through their doors. While older buildings have character, age can cause problems if the plumbing and drainage system packs up, causing an expensive disruption. Its evident schools need regular drain inspections, but how can you carry it out without interrupting the school? Auckland CCTV drain inspection is your answer.

CCTV Drain Inspection Is Your Friend

Using drain inspection technology means you don’t have to excavate to find a problem, saving time, mess and money. This is a pre-emptive measure that can be used to pinpoint where the exact location of the problem is, so there’s no need to dig blindly either. Because of the high pressure that a school’s drainage system is under, a regular appointment can be scheduled for routine checks and maintenance, even if no problem has arisen as yet. The price of regular checks pales in comparison to what you’d have to pay for an expensive repair.

Why High-Tech Solutions Are Better

When you think about drains, the last thing you associate them with is high tech equipment. But there are many advantages to using less invasive and more effective forms of drain maintenance such as CCTV inspection. For starters, you can keep the school environment safe, only digging a hole when necessary. Locating problems using CCTV equipment is discreet and quick, so it can take place without distracting students or disrupting the school day. By also giving you an idea of problems before they occur, you can even schedule fixes over weekends and school holidays.

Teach The Children

Within the school, everyone should be educated and be made aware of practices that they can perform to prevent blocked drains. Teach children how to dispose of items correctly and carry out small cleaning tasks of the schoolyard to avoid the blocking of drains when it rains.

Drain Ninjas is your go-to place if you need CCTV drain inspection in Auckland. We can take care of your school’s drainage system while you take care of what’s most important – education.

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