Everything You Need To Know About Professional Drain Inspection Services

January 15, 2020

Everyone needs a drainage specialist at some point because drains need to be maintained and or repaired regularly. And to perform maintenance, you first need a drain inspection service to determine the condition of your drains. Here’s what you need to know about this vital service.

Why Do We Need Our Drains Inspected?

Think about your drainage system as a network of veins and arteries around your home. They run clean water into your home and lead the wastewater out of it. Your drainage system plays a vital part in having a healthy and fully-functioning home, so, like cholesterol accumulating in an artery, you cannot allow a blockage to buildup in your drains.

When Do We Need Drain Inspection Services?

Having your drains inspected should be a part of other maintenance and inspection services you perform around your home. They form a necessary part of the drainage system, so they need to be taken care of. Get your drains regularly inspected to ensure that they’re working the way they should. You should also get drain inspection services when you have a persistent blockage that won’t go away, or when you’re buying or selling a property.

Particularly when you’re buying a new house, a pre-purchase inspection has its advantages. You won’t get any nasty drainage surprises after you move in, you also receive an onsite verbal report from your drain inspection technician, and you get to see live footage of the condition of your drains from their CCTV camera footage. With this information, you can prepare for repairs, schedule regular maintenance, and trust that repairs have been performed correctly.

How Are Drains Inspected?

Two methods are most commonly used by drain inspection specialists, which are by using CCTV camera footage, and the hydro-jetting technique. With CCTV drain inspections, your specialist leads a camera down the drain, which captures footage of the drainage system so that you can view its condition, on high-definition monitors.

Hydro-jetting is used to remove blockages or clogged waste. Using a stream of water, the high pressure breaks the blockage apart, allowing it to be removed or flushed away. It’s an efficient method and removes the toughest blockages in no time at all.

If you want to have a healthy home, you need a healthy drainage system. By enlisting the help of drain inspection services, you can see exactly what is happening in your drains, and get a solution immediately if there’s a problem. Contact Drain Ninjas – we’re the drainage inspection service you’re looking for.

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