Five Things You Should Expect While Receiving Drain Inspection Services

January 29, 2020

Allowing anyone onto your property to provide a service can be a little uncomfortable. If you’re on the sceptical side, you’ll want reassurance that nothing is out of sorts about the way your contractor behaves. Drain inspection services can be particularly intrusive in terms of personal space, so getting acquainted with the process beforehand is a good idea. Because we offer this kind of service daily, we decided to write a blog to share information and ease your anxiety. These are the main things you should expect from a professional sewerage inspector before, during and after the service.

You Will Be Asked For Some Personal Information Before The Inspection

The likelihood is that you’ll make an enquiry over the phone or online. This means the technician who’s helping you will need some information before they can help. This will include things like your name, contact details and information, so don’t be alarmed if they ask.

You May Be Asked A Few Questions About What You’ve Observed

While you make the booking, the technician may ask for reasons that led you to make the call. If you see, hear or smell something strange, this is the best time to mention it. If you’re around during the inspection, they might ask for clarity or directions to where you’ve experienced issues.

The Superficial Part Of The Inspection Includes Checking Rooms That Have Water Running Through Them

Drains in your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry area and outside areas are major players in the pipe system. Inspectors usually start by visually inspecting how the taps, sinks, toilets and other aspects of these spaces operate. This gives a good idea of what is working and what isn’t.

CCTV Technicians Will Access The Underground Pipeline Through Access Points On Your Property

Some issues can’t be seen with the naked eye, so the technician will find ideal access points for inserting cameras to inspect the underground system. This can provide a perspective of what’s going on in your system.

You, Will, Receive A Report And Recommendations On What To Do Next 

Once the problems have been identified, they will explain what they are and how they can be fixed. Usually, it’s something that they can do either on the spot or with a bit of back-and-forth to a supply store, so you should be sorted in the end.

All of the above, along with the staples – such as transparency, punctuality and customer service are a recipe for a fruitful experience. Drain inspection services should bring you peace of mind, not headaches. Want to work with the best in the business? Book a professional inspection with Drain Ninjas today.

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