Have A Blocked Toilet? Here Are 5 Things That Could Be Causing It

March 15, 2019

We’ve all experienced that dreadful moment. You’ve just flushed the toilet but instead of the bowl emptying, it starts to rise with water. Your blocked toilet nightmare has begun, and it isn’t safe to use until further notice. You try to think of what the cause of the blockage could be but can’t think of anything. It’s not always obvious things that cause our toilets to clog up. Some of them are habits that we can change, and others are structural issues that will require intervention. Here are the most common causes of a blocked toilet – and what you can do about it.

Toilet Blocker #1: Weak Water Flow Or Pressure In Your Pipes

There’s more to your toilet than the actual unit you sit on. There’s a host of pipes and valves that you can’t see, working together behind the scenes. If one of them (for example, your flapper) doesn’t work, it has an impact on the whole structure. If your toilet system can’t move enough water through the pipes with enough pressure, it can cause a blockage.

Toilet Blocker #2: Poor Quality Toilet Paper – Or Excessive Use Of It

Certain types of toilet paper are difficult to break down. It’s usually the hard kind that feels more like paper towels that cause issues. However, even if you do use soft tissue, there’s no need to use the entire roll every time. Excessive toilet paper will result in a blocked toilet as well.

Toilet Blocker #3: Toys R Us

Blocked toilets often act as graveyards for neglected toys. If you have children in the home, make sure you monitor them when they’re in the bathroom. Young humans are explorers, and they may try to flush small toys or Lego down the toilet, given a chance.

Toilet Blocker #4: Anything That Isn’t Toilet Paper

Toys aren’t the only threat to working toilets. The truth is, you can’t flush anything down you please, even if it looks flushable. Things that shouldn’t go down the toilet include sanitary towels, diapers, wet wipes, condoms and cotton earbuds.

Toilet Blocker #5: An Outdated Plumbing System

Everything has a lifespan. It’s possible that your blocked toilet is a symptom of a larger problem and that it’s time for some new plumbing or a new toilet.

These tips will help you prevent a blockage in the future, or figure out what’s causing the current one. For immediate assistance with getting it unclogged, you can contact Drain Ninjas for assistance.

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