How a CCTV Drain Inspection Can Help You Root Out Springtime Tree Damage

October 15, 2018

Spring is upon us and with it comes renewal and growth. Flower buds are blooming and tree roots are sprouting at every turn. All these developments look great up on the surface, but down below, your drainage systems are at risk. It’s great to have new things growing, but not at the expense of all the helpful infrastructure you already have in your neighbourhood. Tree roots grow much faster in the springtime, making them one of the leading causes of drain blockages and long-term sewerage issues. But you have no reason to fear when the Drain Ninjas are near. We’ll use CCTV cameras to go down below to diagnose and clear out root blockages before any significant damage is done.

The Relationship Between Trees and Drainage Systems

Rather than wait for rain, trees burrow for water and search the ground for it using their roots – a plant survival instinct. Plants need water to thrive, so drain pipes offer an ideal environment for tree roots to extract moisture underground. This becomes a problem when the roots cause damage to drainage pipes by slipping through cracks in the system to access the water within.

Roots can block pipes or cause misalignment, which results in reduced water pressure and long-term damage to both the drainage system and surrounding structures, leaving you with no water at all. The process of repairing this type of damage is far costlier than prevention through proactive treatments.

Smile, You’re On Candid Camera!

A CCTV drain inspection is one of the best methods to preemptively identify tree root damage or areas in your pipes that are vulnerable to penetration from roots. Some of the benefits of this method are that the procedure is fast and hassle-free, you get an accurate analysis the first time around, and it’s a cost-effective way to solve the problem.

We pass a small camera device through your drainage or sewerage system to get a clear view of its condition underground. We record the visuals and our engineers view them on a monitor, taking note of all relevant details. Once the analysis is complete and the problem is identified, we provide a comprehensive solution to help repair any existing damage and prevent further damage.

There’s no better time to call the Drain Ninjas for a CCTV drain survey. Call 0800 480 456 for a fast drainage solution now.

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