How To Avoid A Clogged Toilet

February 15, 2020

There is nothing more inconvenient and embarrassing than a clogged toilet. From excessive toilet paper to feminine products and other items which should not be flushed away – toilet unblocking can become a nightmare to clean up as well as lead to costly bills. The professionals should always be called to handle this common and unpleasant problem, pros like Drain Ninjas. But, what can you do to ensure that your toilet remains unclogged in the first place?

As professionals in the toilet unblocking industry, we can assure you that it can be a troublesome issue to resolve, which is why we always advise clients on the best preventative measures. Here are our four tips to ensure you always have a working toilet and avoid those awkward situations that always happen to be ill-timed

  1. Monitor Your Toilet’s Workings 

As strange as it sounds, sometimes taking note of your toilet taking longer than usual to flush can be indicative of a potential clogging in the future. While the easiest solution would be to grab your plunger and try to flush out any blockages, calling an expert can help to resolve the block quickly with minimal effort and give you peace-of-mind.

  1. Flushing Away Excessive Toilet Paper 

Children can sometimes use more toilet paper than is necessary, and this could lead to a back-up of paper. Pre-portioning your toilet paper is a helpful way to guide your little ones, but purchasing moistened wipes for the little ones to use can be a better option.

  1. Avoid Trying To DIY 

While there are a ton of toilet unblocking recipes accessible online, each with their guarantee of a clog-free toilet, there are also resources online that claim to keep toilets clear all-year round and as tempting as that sounds, this doesn’t mean that these tutorials are a good idea. Different formulas of homemade recipes can be volatile, being more of a mess than a solution to keeping the pipes unobstructed. Instead of buying unnecessary items, cleaning up accidental spills or dealing with worsened clogging, professionals can easily service your toilets conveniently.

With the help of these preventative guidelines, toilet unblocking can become a breeze in the future with the assistance of experts like us at Drain Ninjas. When it’s time to call in the professionals we can assure you affordable rates and a specialist service for your emergency – give us a call today.

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