How To Avoid Drain Blockages

February 27, 2020

With regular maintenance upkeep of your pipes, they can stay relatively clear and free of blockages. However, with busy schedules and general inexperience in the area, most of us rarely have time to even consider the important role pipes play in our homes until we have a burst one and extensive water damage. While calling out local professional drain unblockers is often your first course of action in dealing with clogged pipes in ill-repair, we are often met with clients curious about how they can prevent such issues in the future to ensure that they aren’t met with any nasty surprises or excessive bills due to damage.

Homeowners fall into the trap of moving maintenance work further and further down their list of priorities and that’s simply because many of us just do not have the time to focus on keeping our home well-maintained. And although we appreciate how crucial this is to keep our family safe, property and belongings damage-free, it can be a taxing conundrum to try and fit it all in. However, we have identified the top tips to help you avoid a clogging catastrophe that is relatively easy to implement, taking minimal effort and time.

Forget The Drain Cleaners 

We cannot stress this enough, but sometimes using those harsh commercial drain cleaners in your residential home may not be the best decision you make for your pipes. That is because often these cleaners can be extremely strong and can result in damaged pipes due to erosion. Further, due to residential water pressure, cleaners may become ineffective and start to clog up your drains.

Use Your Drains Wisely

Sometimes time constraints and laziness play a significant role in leading to blocked drains. We forget about all the hair we let flow down into our drains, wash dishes without emptying off remnants of food and end up flushing other items down the toilet that isn’t toilet paper. The cheapest solution would be to purchase inexpensive screens to place over drains in your sinks, showers and tubs. It’s also advisable to remember that toilets aren’t meant to flush down anything but toilet paper.

Dealing with a drain problem can often be urgent and frustrating, but you must keep calm and work quickly to turn off your main water. This allows you to protect the structural integrity of your home and your belongings too, while you call out professional drain unblockers. In need of quick service in your time of need? Call us today at Drain Ninjas.

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