Is It Time Your Cesspits Had a Spring Clean?

September 24, 2020

Winter, the rainiest part of the year may already be behind us, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean flooding can be counted out. A lot of water will have been flowing through your drains in the last few months, carrying a variety of debris with it. 


Cesspits are grates which all this water flows through – sediments, foliage and rubbish that rainwater carries collect in the cesspit, filtering them out before the water continues into the drainage system. When the cesspits on your property are working, it’s easy to forget that they’re there, but they will eventually fill up. Once this happens, a short period of heavy rain can be enough to cause flooding. 


Sudden floods like this can be particularly devastating on larger properties such as carparks and schools, and can occur at any time of year. Flooding causes shutdowns and disruptions, and even risks damage to property and vehicles. A blocked cesspit can also allow sediments to flow into the stormwater system, potentially causing environmental harm. 


This is why regular, scheduled checks to cesspits and drains are so important. While drains may have functioned perfectly throughout winter, they will eventually fail if cesspits are not cleared and maintained. During spring foliage and tree roots are growing more rapidly than ever, and we often see cesspits and drains in need of urgent maintenance for this reason. Cesspits can start to fill faster as more branches and leaves start flowing into them than usual. It’s also more common for growing roots to cause damage to drainage pipes at this time of year – much like a blocked cesspit, this is best discovered before a bout of heavy rain!


Drain Ninjas make preventing damage from flooded drains simple and easy. We have a range of vehicles suited to accessing and clearing different property types, and are experts in all aspects of drain clearing and maintenance. As well as using our vacuum loading trucks to clear your property’s cesspits, we do a thorough check to ensure that no other drainage issues are developing, and can even advise you on when to schedule your next cesspit maintenance based on what we find (you’d be surprised!). All this means one less thing for you to worry about. Get in touch with us today to organise a visit. 

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