Never Unblock A Toilet With Commercial Drain Cleaners

June 9, 2020
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Toilet unblocking might be one of those tasks you think you can handle yourself, and you may well be right. But if you’re reaching for a bottle of commercial drain cleaner to do the job, then you’re probably in the wrong. While commercial chemical-based products can provide a decent result in the short term, they could do a lot of damage in the long term. When you want to unblock your toilet, the safest and most effective option is to call the experts.

Thanks to our specialised equipment, we can unclog a toilet in a highly satisfactory but low impact way. By that, we mean we won’t cause any ongoing damage to the plumbing system, or even pose a potential risk to you and your family. On the other hand, the chemical reactions that commercial cleaners rely on to unclog pipes and drains can be dangerous.

These products are highly toxic: they have to be to produce the desired result. But direct contact or ongoing exposure can have disastrous side effects. These products are manufactured to break down things like animal fats, food scraps, hair, plastic and paper products. If a commercial drain cleaner is strong enough to do that, imagine what it could do to your skin or eyes if used incorrectly?

The products can also have the same effect on internal plumbing systems, including your toilet. Older pipes especially can be damaged by ongoing use of commercial cleaners, so if you are using these chemical-based products on a regular basis then you’re doing more harm than good.

If you are resorting to commercial drain cleaners or any other toilet unblocking method on a regular basis, then you probably have an ongoing problem that needs to be sorted out. That’s why you should call drainage experts to unclog your toilet every single time. Not only can we do a thorough job in a safe, low-impact way but we can also tell you if you have deep-seated problems that need to be fixed up.

Emergency toilet unblocking in Auckland is just one of the drainage issues we specialise in. We believe it’s something you need to take seriously, without resorting to potentially harmful chemicals, or methods that fix the problem for a short time and not a long time. So when toilet blockages occur at your place, give us a call and we’ll sort them out promptly and properly, thanks to our 24/7 service.

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