The Benefits Of Using A CCTV Drain Inspection System

March 15, 2020

Because your drain system runs underground, it’s challenging to know what’s going on down there. Drains are an essential part of the construction of your home, so when things start going wrong, you need drain inspection services to help you determine what the problem is and how to fix it. Drain inspection specialists use CCTV drain footage because this process provides many of the following benefits:

It’s An Advanced Method Of Inspection 

CCTV is one of the most efficient ways to inspect your drainage system because it allows for a clear image of its condition underground. In fact, drain inspection services rely on CCTV as an inspection method, because there isn’t another method that is as convenient and simple with such definitive results. It involves leading a small camera down the drain that you suspect has a problem or a blockage, and displays the footage on a high-definition monitor for the drain inspection specialist, and you, to see.

It Pinpoints The Source Of The Problem 

When you have a blocked drain, it doesn’t always present itself as an overflowing drain. Sometimes, water can take too long to drain away in your sinks, bath or shower. Other times you’ll hear gurgling noises or an unpleasant odour coming from the drain. Besides that, the drainage system beneath your house can get complicated, so it can get challenging to pinpoint exactly where the route of the problem is. However, when you get drain inspection services to survey the problem, they’ll be able to do just that with CCTV footage. By viewing the drain from the inside, your drain inspection services team can follow the debris and blockages to find precisely where the trouble has started, so that it can be resolved once and for all.

It Provides Insight

Most people don’t believe that what you flush should be as strictly adhered to than it is. In fact, they think that the water pressure of a flush is enough to ensure that nothing blocks their drains! This is incorrect, of course, because drains get blocked by irresponsible flushing, and by pouring the wrong things down your sinks, all the time. However, with CCTV camera footage of your drains, it’s difficult to maintain that thinking when you see, with your own eyes, how this behaviour can block your drains! With this valuable insight, you’ll very likely become more responsible with how you treat and maintain your drains.

The CCTV drain inspection method has become the only way to get a clear insight into the condition of your drains. If you have a persistent blockage, or worse, overflowing drains, make sure to get a drain inspection service to survey your drains with CCTV cameras. You’ll find the problem and its solution quickly.

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