Three Great Reasons To Make Use Of Drain Inspection Services

March 28, 2020

Although living with a blocked drain can be bearable for a short period it can also become increasingly frustrating when left unresolved. Dealing with unpleasant odours and overspills can seem like a meagre issue to some, but left to worsen can lead to burst pipes and structural damage to your property. While it may seem like an unnecessary cost to hire drain inspection services, when there are so many DIY solutions readily available online, it is the only method that can assure you efficient results. Such services can quickly locate sources, assess the condition of pipes and determine resolution without any guesswork.

Drain Ninjas has put together a list of the three most important reasons to consider drain inspection services on your home today.

  1. You May Be Underestimating The Problem 

A clogged up shower drain or overflowing sink can be a mess to clean up, but simply taking a plunger to it is not going to suddenly resolve the problem. If the frequency of blocked drains in your home starts to rapidly increase, it’s time to call out professionals who specialise in drain inspection to identify the root of the problem. Assuming that it’s merely just an odd build-up and choosing not to clear any blockages, will be an expensive decision to overcome in the future.

  1. You Can End Up Causing More Damage 

Without the required knowledge of inspecting a drain, clearing and maintenance, you may be relying on second-hand information. Not only will you not know how to effectively inspect your drains, but you can also end up causing more damage with DIY remedies such as using a coat hanger or homemade liquid cleaners. There is always the risk of more damage when attempting to fix drains yourself, as you do not have the skills to evaluate if there are burst pipes or have the ability to react quickly to leaks.

  1. You May End Up Spending More Money 

The one major advantage of using a professional in any situation is that they come along with their equipment and tools. Planning to clear up a blocked drain on your own requires you to purchase or hire out specific tools needed, bills you can avoid when using a drain inspection service. There is also the issue of scheduling personal time to inspect your drains as well as potentially causing more damage.

At Drain Ninjas we offer affordable and expert drain inspection services, with quick results and minimal downtime. We bring our years of experience, industry knowledge and standard equipment to provide customers with a comprehensive solution with an assurance of high-quality and friendly service. To book one of our drain unblocking services, give us a call or send us an email – we are ready to help you with any drain situation.

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