Why All Potential Homeowners Need To Invest In A CCTV Drain Inspection

April 30, 2019

Trying to find a home that meets your budget and requirements is challenging, which is why when you find one that appears to fit the bill, you might be tempted to rush into buying it before anyone else snatches it up. It would be a bad idea as you don’t know what you’re getting into. Sure you’ve flicked the lights on and off and flushed the toilet a few times, but this isn’t enough to tell you if you could be dealing with future problems. Some areas of the home – such as the drains – can take months to exhibit signs of a blockage or breakdown. There’s a good chance the sellers of the home have no idea that there’s a problem either. What you need is a comprehensive CCTV drain inspection, so you’re fully prepared.

Quick And Easy

A home’s drainage system is one area that tends to remain neglected when it comes to upkeep. It’s because many people assume that an inspection will be an expensive and complicated affair involving digging up pipes and upheaving your entire property. For this reason, inspections tend to happen only when a problem occurs. With a CCTV inspection, you skip the mess, fuss and hassle and should a problem be detected you’ll know what it is and where it’s located.

What To Look For

When conducting a CCTV sewer inspection for drain cleaning, the professionals providing the service will look for certain things. Common problems could be tree roots growing into the sewer lines. They can also find potential build-up in danger of causing a future blockage, or a damaged pipe that’s in danger of collapsing or leaking. In many cases, if you detect the problem early enough, it can be resolved without having to access the pipe directly. If the home in question is old, you might find that the pipes are due for replacement altogether.

Having this knowledge is critical as it could prevent you from buying a home you think is ready to move into, which needs extensive work done on it. It will also allow you to negotiate a fair asking price and budget for any repairs should you decide to take on the job yourself. If you’re a homeowner looking to sell, investing in an inspection will show potential buyers that you’re trustworthy and prove to them that your home is worth purchasing.

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