Why Cesspit Maintenance Is So Important

May 14, 2020

To understand the importance of cesspit maintenance, it might be helpful to explain what a cesspit actually is. The word has a range of meanings all over the world. For example, in America, it is a collection tank for the temporary storage of bodily waste. In New Zealand, the definition is quite different. Here, cesspits are stormwater pits which usually consist of a grate, small chamber and sediment trap. The chamber will have an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe, designed to help with drainage.

Cesspits are designed to catch debris and leaves before they enter the stormwater system and block pipes. You’ll usually find them at schools, factories and commercial premises, as well as residential properties, generally in the driveway, on boggy lawns, or on the road in front of the home.

Cesspits need to be regularly maintained and cleaned to stop debris blocking the outlet line. How often depends on the area; for example, some streets are lined with trees and falling leaves can slip through the grate and into the pit. Litter is another common form of debris responsible for causing blockages. It is often carried down the gutter by flowing stormwater, through the grate and into the pit, where it builds up with leaves and other debris. Stormwater also naturally carries solid matter, such as dirt, which can settle at the bottom of a cesspit. If the cesspit isn’t cleaned out on a regular basis, this sediment will build up and cause blockages. This can compromise the drainage and lead to flooding in the vicinity of the cesspit.

Regular maintenance of cesspits also has benefits on a wider scale.  It’s well known that neglecting our stormwater infrastructure causes environmental problems and harms our aquatic life because debris and pollutants go through the system and into our waterways, such as rivers and beaches. A clean and unclogged cesspit reduces the amount of debris entering the system and flowing into our waterways, so regular maintenance is as good for our environment as it is for your property.

It’s little wonder that we consider cesspit maintenance to be one of our most important services. At Drain Ninjas, it’s a service we’d like to provide more of. Many people forget they actually have a cesspit and think that regular flooding is just one of those things, even if it is a very annoying thing. It doesn’t have to be that way. Contact the drain specialists at Drain Ninjas.

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