Why Drain Maintenance Is Essential For Residential Property Buildings

May 20, 2019

As a residential property owner or managing agent, you know that a common problem buildings experience is a blocked drain. This issue is usually dealt with reactively, i.e., drain specialists are only called in once a problem occurs. The time it takes to resolve the fault causes frustration for the tenant, and it’s inconvenient for them not being able to use their bathroom or sink until the blockage has been sorted out. So why does this happen so often and what causes it?

Why Are Blocked Drains So Frequent In Rented Apartment Blocks?

The sad but true reality is that people don’t care for property that they’re only renting (as opposed to owning). They don’t use the facilities with caution or care as much about the consequences of their actions. It’s usually because they only plan to stay at the premises for a limited time and aren’t worried about complications that may arise in the future.

As a property owner or managing agent, you don’t have much control over what goes on inside each unit. For example, kids could be flushing toys down the toilet, or inappropriate items could be washed down the sink.

Why Are Blocked Drains A Major Concern?

As residential properties such as apartment blocks have multiple units that share a standard plumbing system, a problem that occurs in one unit may cause issues for other tenants. It’s also difficult for someone that isn’t a drain expert (such as the building’s general supervisor or maintenance personnel) to pinpoint the origin of the issue quickly enough.

Remember, it’s part of a landlord’s mandate to ensure that all tenants get uninterrupted delivery of expected services. Ongoing issues such as blocked drains or toilets could lead to loss of business as tenants may choose not to renew their leases once it expires.

How Can Property Owners Or Managing Agents Prevent Blockages?

As part of your routine maintenance duties, drain specialist service providers need to be brought in to help prevent problems before they occur. They have the experience, knowledge, and tools to diagnose potential issues and help stop problems in tracks. They’re also able to sort out minor snags (like air in pipes) before they escalate.

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