Why Mall Management Should Go The Extra Mile To Prevent Blocked Toilets

June 20, 2019

A blocked toilet is a terrible problem for anyone, but at public places such as malls, it could lead to further problems for the property’s management team and will be a problem that affects hundreds of people. Here are some of the consequences that mall owners and managing agents could face as a result of a blocked toilet:

  • The Problem Goes Unnoticed: If the issue occurs during quieter operating hours, it may go unnoticed. Sometimes when patrons notice that a toilet is blocked, they fail to report it for fear of being blamed or simply out of a lack of concern. The blockage being unattended to for an extended time can lead to it escalating and possibly causing further plumbing issues.
  • Water Starts To Overflow: Overflows are a common occurrence with blocked toilets. As a mall is a shared space, overflowing water can run into tenant shops and rented business spaces, as well as seep through to lower levels. This could cause damage to the building’s structure and wiring, retail stock, machinery and mechanisms such as elevators and escalators.
  • DIY Efforts Make The Problem Worse – If a toilet gets blocked and staff are unsure how to deal with it, they may try to unblock the toilet and cause further complications.
  • People Will Avoid Your Space – Blocked or overflowing toilets are likely to cause negative publicity for a mall, and this will happen quickly thanks to social media. Consumers no longer tolerate poor service of any kind (whether preventable or not) and will be quick to voice their disapproval publicly.

Solutions For Mall Management

Prevention is the ideal solution. While it’s difficult to control the actions of the public using the facilities, you can enlist the help of a drain expert to maintain your plumbing system and help prevent blockages. Drain specialists possess the knowledge and custom equipment needed to identify issues and prevent them from reoccurring.

If a toilet does become blocked, mall management should immediately contact a drain professional to get the problem sorted out quickly and efficiently. This minimises the time taken to resolve the issue, prevents the risk of further damage and ensures that the cause of the blockage is dealt with effectively.

Drain Ninjas provide a range of plumbing services to the Auckland residential and business community. These include toilet unblocking, drain unblocking, fault finding and various other drain-related repair and maintenance services. Contact us to find out more.

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