You’ve Heard Of Blocked Toilets But Have You Heard Of These Other Common Toilet Problems?

July 28, 2019

Blocked toilets are one of the most common; if not the number one issue that homeowners face in terms of toilet issues. However, many other problems can arise and knowing how to identify them can help you take a proactive approach and seek the professional attention of an experienced plumber. Here are four common defective toilet problems to be aware of.

  1. Toilet won’t flush

There are generally two reasons why a toilet will not flush. If manipulating the flush lever produces no results, either the tank is empty, and there’s an issue with water supply, or the chain that links the flush lever to the flapper is damaged. A broken or loose connection blocks the flapper from working with the result being that the toilet won’t flush.

  1. Sluggish or weak flush

If the water in the toilet drains away unusually slowly, then this is a symptom of a sluggish or weak flush. This issue is caused by the accumulation of dirt and mineral deposits that have gathered inside and which inhibit the effective flow of water.

  1. Improperly vented toilet

A symptom of an improperly vented toilet or a bubbling toilet is observing a rise and fall in water levels and seeing air bubbles rise through the bowl, even when it’s empty.

  1. Toilet not secured to the floor

A rocking toilet, one that’s not properly secured to the floor, is a cause for concern. This may indicate that the wax seal of the toilet may be damaged and can lead to leaks developing.

For toilet problems such as the above, it’s best to rely on professional plumbing help. Homeowners attempting to unclog clogged toilets may end up using too much force and damaging the plumbing system further. Blocked toilets are often a symptom of a larger problem, and a professional plumber is best placed to get to the root cause.

Homeowners can do well to prepare the environment before a plumber arrives. This will help make it easier for the plumber to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently. You can begin by placing newspaper or paper towels on the floor around the toilet bowl. If you have a ventilation system installed, turn this on to minimise foul odours.

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